Binder Group is specialized in measurement and control technologies

The BINDERGROUP is a designer and manufacturer of measurement and control technology products and a specialist in gas flow measurement technology, gas pressure control instruments, biogas analyzer, aeration control systems for the biological cleaning process in sewage treatment plants and produces pressure and temperature switches.
BETTER CONTROL. BETTER ENVIRONMENT.” is our company slogan and all products and their applications are designed to protect plant assets, operate processes safely and efficiently, save energy, protect the environment and offer our customers particularly high economic benefits.


Binder Engineering & Instrumentation companies, in China and Singapore as well as a worldwide distributor network ensure local market presence. They provide competent and sound advice on all topics and areas. Commissioning and service on site ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Beside Industry the main market segment is the sewage treatment plant sector. We collected experiences in the biogas part of the plants over decades. Today we also supply air flow meter and control valves for the biological treatment stage. Beside these components we also provide control concepts for load-depending air supply and air distribution to the aeration tanks, to optimize the process and save energy. A further key application is the monitring of gas from landfills, solid waste treatment, agricultural biogas and syngas plants from wood gasification, for which we have developed very special combinations of gas flow meter and analyzer to meet the market requirements.

  • Gas flow measurement
  • Gas Analysis
  • Gas flow control
  • Gas flow calibration
  • Gas flow conditioning
  • Gas pressure control

Binder is an expert for gas applications –
In particular for biogas, sewage gas, landfill and synthesis gas


Binder GmbH has been manufacturing thermal gas mass flow meter in Germany for several years. Each flow meter is calibrated in our CAMASS® Calibration Lab according to the application. With the addition of further electronic components, air control valves and gas analysis instruments, the COMBIMASS® and VACOMASS® product lines were developed and now are distributed worldwide.


Instrum GmbH belongs to the Binder Group and manufactures pressure regulators, flow limiters and other safety elements for the protection of explosive, corrosive and/or sterile processes with inert gases. Automatic mechanical regulators that operate independently of auxiliary energy can be used for tank ventilation, inerting, product conveyance and sterilization.
New, high-precision pressure regulators can also be used in liquids such as fuels (on test bench) or highly corrosive acids, alkalis and solvents in industry.


BETA BV is part of the Binder Group and manufactures high quality pressure and temperature switches in the Netherlands, practically for every branch and industry. There are currently only a few switches in the industry that cover such a wide range of applications as the BETA pressure and temperature switches. They work particularly safely and reliably even with high overpressure, shocks and vibrations and have drift-free switching points.


Binder Engineering is the contact partner for consultation, Installation and sales of all BINDER and INSTRUM products and the companies Fairchild, Cashco and Valve Concepts, which complement the Binder Group’s product range.