Service, Maintenance and Commissioning

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For returns, please print out the following form and enclose it with the device to be investigated.

Download Decontamination Certficate

Procedure for Services and Support

For a quick diagnosis and repair we need:

  • Your Order (with a contact person for technical queries)
  • pricese failure (error) report ( with photos and protocol)
  • Decontamination certficate

Please send us the COMBIMASS® flowmeter only with the protectice pipe. Otherwise the sensor tips can get damaged.

For returns, please print out the completed “Decontamination Certificate” filled in enclosed it with the device to be examined. Thank you very much. We are happy to answer any further questions about the safe and proper transportation of the devices.

Comissioning and Service On-Site

Competent service staff will support you with the commissioning (Start-up) of our products on site. This also includes training of the operators, how to handle our products with more detailed information about operation and maintenance.

For optimal operation of the VACOMASS® system, fine tuning of the control parameters is generally required after delivery and commissioning. Based on plant-specific conditions, the preset parameters are checked and adjusted in the course of the first months of operation.

Inspection of the devices on site / in Ulm

Depending on the product type, the inspection of all devices can be carried at the headquarters in Ulm often also at site. Our experienced service staff usually have the right spare and wear parts with them immediately. Devices in the EX version can only be checked in Ulm.

Inspection of the devices on site / in Ulm

Binder GmbH has been manufacturing thermal mass flow meter in Germany for many years. Each device is calibrated according to the application in its own CAMASS® Calibration Lab. With the addition of further electronic components, control valves and gas analyzers, the COMBIMASS® and VACOMASS® product groups were developed and distributed worldwide.

In principle, the COMBIMASS® series gas flow meters are maintenance-free. Under certain circumstances (e.g. measurement in corrosive / abrasive media) or projects of a special nature (CDM, high accuracy requirements, etc.), it may make sense to have the calibration of the sensors checked at regular intervals. If there are no general requirements, the intervals should be selected so that there is no change in the measuring equipment until the calibration or recalibration is checked, which would have a negative effect on the measurement task. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the recalibration interval. Standards, guidelines or government regulation can also determine the time interval.

Gas analyzers of the COMBIMASS® series require recalibration at regular intervals, if the accuracy of the readings is to be kept high over longer periods. Depending on the measurement frequency, concentrations of the gas components and requirements for accuracy, the intervals can vary between monthly and yearly.

Maintenance work for the replacement of wear parts or assemblies on site / in Ulm

In order to keep the accuracy of the measured values at a constantly high level, a regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts are required for gas analyzers and measuring systems of the COMBIMASS® series. Special maintenance contracts are offered here, which include the regular replacement of wearing parts with the provision of replacement equipment for the time of maintenance. Without a maintenance contract, the maintenance interval is the responsibility of the user.

Repair at Site/ in Ulm

If a repair is really necessary, we offer you a fast and professional execution. Special valves and / or ATEX-certified devices can only be checked and repaired if necessary by the manufacturer (INSTRUM, FAIRCHILD, CASHCO, …). Due to the higher effort, we recommend that you first determine the estimated time required for your planning using a cost estimate.

Training / Seminar / Presentation

We regularly take part in trade events such as seminars or congresses and give lectures on the relevant topics. We also offer training for operating personnel on the operation and maintenance of our products.Feel free to send us an enquiry.