BETA Pressure and Temperature Switches

There are a few switches for industry only which fit to such a wide range of applications like BETA pressure and temperature switches. High quality switches which fulfill required specifications can be supplied practically for each branch and industry. They are available in more than 10 million versions.
A high quality, self-aligning diaphragm/piston sensor is the heart of a BETA switch. The limited piston travel transmits pressure at the diaphragm directly to the microswitch, with no intervening linkages or mechanisms while providing full protection against high overrange pressure.

The piston sensor is isolated from the process fluid by a diaphragm and static O-Ring seal and retained by a process connection port. These three are the only process wetted parts and are available in an extensive range of materials.

The BETA-switch which is used very often as a safety switch can be supplied with the highest range of EX-certificate, EEx d IIC T6/T5 by KEMA 02ATEX. There are further approvals (e.g. for marine, Rina and G.L., or for gas, water, damp and fuel like DVGW, DGWK, TÜV 100/1 and further international ones) available. All parts in contact with the fluid can be supplied with NACE. The certified Quality Assurance System according DIN ISO 9001 is related to all manufacturing, engineering and design processes.

A logical product coding system makes easy the selection of an exact product specification (sensor body/enclosure, type of switch, pressure sensor, process connection, sealing, micro switch, further options and special versions like flange version, Hirschmann or Harting connector, moisture inhibitor, gas tight version, etc). This makes commercial handling, project coordination and service really easy.

BETA Pressure Switches

Various pressure switches, differential pressure switches

Various pressure switches, differential pressure switches and vacuum switches for different operation ranges (2-15 mbar / 12-1,250 mbar/ 0.3 -70 bar standard/ 80-3,450 mbar) can be supplied. In clean lubricating and liquid fluids, they can be used as a hydraulic switch too.

BETA Temperature Switches

High quality temperature switches with an integrated 2-phase-temperature sensor (gas/liquid)

The BETA temperature switch is based on the approved pressure switch with an integrated 2-phase- (gas/liquid) temperature sensor. If process temperature increases, also the vapor pressure of the liquid increases. If pressure exceeds the defined response pressure value then the micro switch will be activated.

BETAMINI for OEM-customers

for OEM-customers

Over 35 years, BETA designed and produced the best pressure and temperature switches for our customers. This has given us valuable and detailed experience of industrial needs. It resulted in a high quality OEM instrument: the »BETAMINI«! The growing demand for high quality, reliable products has increased the need for better components.