Product Lines

Binder – the expert for gas applications –

especially in the field of aeration air and digester gas, biogas, gas from landfills and gasification plants!

Binder has decades of experience in quantitative and qualitative gas analysis. Apart from industrial applications, the wastewater industry is one of our core markets.

We provide airflow meters and highly efficient aeration control valves for activated sludge processes, as well as complete control concepts for load-based aeration air supply and distribution for process optimization, effluent quality improvement and energy efficiency.

We also focus on applications for landfills, solid waste treatment plants, agricultural anaerobic digesters and wood gasification plants. We have developed special-purpose products to meet market needs, such as combination gas flow meters and gas analysers to enhance process control, improve measurement accuracy, and meet regulatory requirements.

Product Lines

VACOMASS® measurement & aeration control system

VACOMASS® is a modular building block system to measure, control and distribute aeration air to different activated sludge tanks precisely, load-depending and energy-efficient.

COMBIMASS® gas flow meter

COMBIMASS® is a product line containing different types of gas flow meter and gas analyzer.
Applications are: industrial gases e.g. natural gas, combustion air, pressurized air, but also biogas coming from agricultural anaerobic digestion plants, sewage treatment plants or landfills.

COMBIMASS® gas analysis

Under the name COMBIMASS® there are different products collected: various types of gas flow meter and various types of gas analyzer.

INSTRUM pressure regulators – The Original!

We apply pressure … in tanks, reactors, vessels, centrifuges and continuous agitated reactors in the process engineering industry.

BETA Pressure and Temperature Switches

There are a few switches for industry only which fit to such a wide range of applications like BETA pressure and temperature switches. High quality switches which fulfill required specifications can be supplied practically for each branch and industry. They are available in more than 10 million versions.

CASHCO Druckregler und Regelventile

Fairchild Präzisionsdruckregler und -pneumatik