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Measuring and control technologies – Made in Germany

For decades now, Binder has been supplying leading plant manufacturers with innovative systems for industrial gas flow measurement. Moreover Binder supplies very efficient control valves for aeration air in sewage treatment plants and smart control systems for air supply and air Distribution into the different tanks.

Additionally to the Long-term proven flow meter Binder developed portable and stationary  analyzer for methaneous gases (Biogas from agricultural anaerobic digestion plants, solid waste treatment /  composting plants, digester gas from sewage treatment plants and gases from landfills). The main advantages of these analyzer are long-term stability of readings and maintenance diagnosis systems.

BETA and INSTRUM belonging to the BinderGroup manufacture different types of pressure and temperature switches as well as pressure regulators for industrial applications. Binder is also in various countries the exclusive Distributor of FAIRCHILD and CASHCO-products.

Analysis of gases containing methane

Mobile and stationary gas analyzers and systems

Portable and stationary analyzer complete the flow meter of COMBIMASS® series like a further component. The instruments are used in the field of agricultural biogas, digester gas, gas from landfills and composting plants as well as syngas from wood gasification. Combining COMBIMASS® biogas flow meter and analyzer accuracy of flow reading can be improved, if gas composition is changing in time. All COMBIMASS® analyzer stations offer automatic compensation of changing gas composition.

CAMASS® Calibration Lab

Beim Einsatz technologisch hochentwickelter Systeme zur Messung und Analyse von Gasen wird die Kalibrierung zum entscheidenden Erfolgsfaktor. Zur Erzielung bestmöglicher Genauigkeiten wird jedes COMBIMASS® und jedes VACOMASS® flow meter im CAMASS® Kalibriertechnikum unter Simulation der realen Betriebsbedingungen exakt kalibriert.

BETA Pressure and Temperature Switches

High-quality switches for nearly any application

There are a few switches for industry only which fit to such a wide range of applications like BETA pressure and temperature switches. High quality switches which fulfill required specifications can be supplied practically for each branch and industry. They are available in more than 10 million versions.

Flow measurement and analysis of digester gas, gas from landfills, from dry fermentation and digestion of industrial sewage

Thermal gas flow meter

COMBIMASS® gas flow meter have been used successfully worldwide for decades. They are used both directly at the gas production site as well as in the consumption in front of CHP's, boiler and flares for quantitative recording. For several years Binder has also been offering gas quality measurement with mobile or stationary Solutions.

Flow Measurement and Analysis of Biogas

Binder manufactures biogas flow meter with integrated humidity compensation for small as well as big biogas plants, to monitor annual biogas production (manipulation-safe) and analyzer for Monitoring and optimization of biological processes. One Typical application is the H2S-filter monitoring upstream to the use in CHP´s.

Flow measurement and analysis of syngas

Gas flow measurement with integrated H2-Compensation

Für den Bereich Synthesegas bietet Binder ein Kombigerät zur Gasmengenmessung mit integrierter H2-Kompensation an. Sind die Anforderungen an die Genauigkeit hoch, kann durch die Nutzung einer Gasanalysestation mit genauer Erfassung der Gasqualität die Genauigkeit der Gasmengenermittlung verbessert werden.

Control valves for aeration air

VACOMASS® control valves

Almost all VACOMASS® control valves were developed and optimized especially for aeration air for the use in activated sludge tanks, grit chamber and exhaust air treatment. All of them close bubble-tight and can be combined customized with different makes and types of actuator and fulfill requirements of the advisory leaflet DWA-M 229.

Tank blanketing and inerting

Tank blanketing and inerting

Tanks and containers, like single tanks, large tanks, pre-, intermediate, final product, agitated and reaction vessels, different kinds of the centrifuges and decanters and many further process tanks and container must be inertized. This inertization is operated usually at pressure conditions close to the ambient pressure, so that the containers are often exposed only to small pressure loads.

Thermal mass flow meter & conditioner for industrial applications

All COMBIMASS® gas flow meter use thermal dispersion technology. They measure in dry gases directly the standard volumetric flow rate according to DIN 1343. Thermal mass flow meter are very precise, compared to other availabble technologies, especially precise at low gas speed and low gas pressure. Flow conditioner and flow profile measurements at site during start-up can help to decrease deviations due to unfavorable pipe run.

Perfektes Zusammenspiel

Produktfamilien & Marken

Neben den Binder-eigenen Produktfamilien COMBIMASS® , VACOMASS®, INSTRUM und BETA haben unsere Palette um weitere Industrieprodukte sinnvoll ergänzt:


Gasdurchflussmessung unter realen Betriebsbedingungen simuliert

CAMASS® Kalibiertechnikum

Beim Einsatz technologisch hochentwickelter Systeme zur Messung und Regelung von Gasen wird die Kalibrierung zum entscheidenden Erfolgsfaktor.

Um höchste Mess- und Regelgenauigkeit sicherzustellen, wird jedes COMBIMASS® Gasdurchflussmessgerät, jedes COMBIMASS® Gasanalyse- und VACOMASS® Luftverteilsystem im CAMASS® Kalibriertechnikum unter realen Betriebsbedingungen exakt kalibriert.