CAMASS® Calibration Lab

When using technologically sophisticated systems to measure, control and analyze gases, calibration becomes the decisive factor for success. In order to  ensure highest accuracy, each COMBIMASS® flow meter and analyzer as well as each component of the VACOMASS® air distribution system is precisely calibrated at the CAMASS® Calibration Lab simulating real operational situation and conditions.

A special challenge are REFURB-projects with the air distribution systems in sewage treatment plants, because typically there is never a sufficient straight pipe lengths available. Flow meter must be installed directly in front of the control valve, special measures must be taken during calibration to consider the effect of changing flow profile when the control valve closes/ opens.

In the CAMASS®  Calibration Lab there are three closed calibration loops, to be used for simulation of all various installation situations and process conditions for all typical applications. So calibration of flow meter at high gas pressures and/ or temperatures, filling the loop with real gas, air flow rates up to 17,000 Nm³/h in combination with control valves of sizes up to DN500 becomes possible. Measuring sections, standard orifices ans precision inclined-tube gauges, pre-tested by the Bureau of Standard are used as a reference. Regular check of the Equipment guarantee a long-term stable process and highest level of accuracy.

CAMASS® calibration lab

Exact Calibration - Simulation of the real operating conditions

When using technologically sophisticated systems to measure and conrol gas flow as well as aeration air, calibration becomes the decisive factor for success. In order to ensure optimum measuring and control accuracy, each VACOMASS® and COMBIMASS® flow meter is precisely calibrated in the CAMASS® Calibration Centre under real operating conditions.