COMBIMASS® gas analysis

Under the name COMBIMASS® there are different products collected: various types of gas flow meter and various types of gas analyzer.

There are special versions of gas analyzer for biogas and syngas available: portable (GA-m) or stationary (GA-s hybrid eco, hybrid premium, hybrid syngas). Because analysis equipment in general needs a regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts and filter, all instruments use an integrated maintenance diagnosis system. Required maintenance is displayed and can be transferred to the main PLC.


Portable Gas Analyzer for biogas, digester gas and gas from landfills

The new series of extremely robust, low maintenance and efficient portable measuring instruments COMBIMASS® GA-m series represents a mile­stone in the development of mobile gas analy­sers. All common require­ments are optimally fulfilled in the analysis of fermentation gas, sewage gas and dump gas from landfills.

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco

Standardized low-cost modular biogas analyzer station

The standardized low-cost modular analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco contains of a ventilated cabinet made of plastic, for the analysis of biogas in fixed time cycles, for indoor installation, with limited No. of gas cells and max. 1-2 gas streams only.

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid premium

Flexible modular analyzer station

The design of the analyzer station GA-s hybrid premium is completely modular. All pumps and valves are mounted on small top-hat rail-plates for easy service and replacement. The gas cells and its required electronics are mounted in modules for top-hat rail assembly inside the cabinet. All spares and wearing parts can be replaced by the operator without any limitation in warranty.

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas

Modular analyzer station for syngas applications

The analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas has a completely modular design. All pumps, valves and electronic modules are individually mounted on top-hat rails for easy maintenance. The gas cells are installed also in top-hat rail  modules.