COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas

Modular analyzer station for syngas applications

The analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas has a completely modular design. All pumps, valves and electronic modules are individually mounted on top-hat rails for easy maintenance.
The gas cells are installed also in top-hat rail  modules.

The typical configuration of a measuring system includes a COMBIMASS® series thermal flow meter whose signal is constantly corrected based on the current gas composition and a gas quality measurement in front of the CHP. The analyser station is suitable for the cyclic analysis of methane, CO, CO2 and H2 in the synthesis gas. The CO and H2 contents have a significant influence on the calorific value and are therefore especially accurate to measure. This requires e.g. for hydrogen the use of a COMBIMASS® thermal conductivity sensor developed especially for this case.

The analyser station is completely modular. All pumps, valves and gas modules are individually mounted on DIN rail for easy maintenance. The gas modules can be recalibrated in the station. This serves the long-term stability of the measured values. As an alternative to manual calibration an autocalibration function is also available with permanent connection of one or more test gas cylinders.

The operator can adjust the acceptable deviation of the measurement results from the calibration state for a specific project. If the desired accuracy during recalibration cannot be achieved any more due to actual wear, the gas modules should be checked at the manufacturer. Using traffic light system, service cycles can be automatically adapted to the frequency of use or the accuracy requirements. The current status of the gas modules is signaled by traffic light colors: green – ready for operation and accurate; yellow – maintenance / recalibration is coming soon; red – maintenance now. Due to the traffic light system, service cycles can be automatically adapted to the frequency of use or the accuracy requirements.

The data can be stored internally or transmitted via various standard interfaces. Optional modules for remote dial-in can be used for function testing, maintenance diagnostics and/or data transmission. An optional life bit indicates the operating ability of the station. An (optional) independent power supply executes the operation of the station even after failure of the regular power supply and certainly ensures an alarm message.

The interior of the station and the syngas are monitored for pressure and temperature. Optionally, the measured data can be checked for plausibility and therby increasing the manipulation safety. A key-operated switch or password-protected software prevents improper modification of configuration parameter.

Gas analysis in general requires a high level of technical effort to maintain long-term accuracy and reliability, which is ultimately also reflected in the purchase price and maintenance costs. If several gas analysis instruments are used, not only the cost of ownership and maintenance costs, but also the uncertainty of measurement sum up, so that it is hard to recognise a trend at an early stage.

If an analyser station is sent in for maintenance to the manufacturer, the operator must waive for values during this time. Due to the modular design, all spare and wearing parts can be replaced by the operator himself or by a service company.

The operator can also use a second set of gas modules while the used ones are under revision / refurbishment if the availability requirements are very high. Alternatively, loan modules are available.



Special features of the analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas

  • Analyser station expandable up to to several gas measuring points in one or more cabinets
  • 7 “graphic display with history and diagram function
  • Further hardware such as gas cooler, UPS, redundant pumps etc. available
  • Manual Calibration/ Auto Calibration of Gas cells and Modules
  • Gas Feedback to process line possible
  • Analog signals of further gas quantities, temperature or humidity measurements can be recorded and evaluated
  • Powerful data transmission via Ethernet Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU via RS485 or analog outputs 4-20 mA, Profinet, Profibus DP or Ethernet IP optionally available
  • Remote access for data transmission/ Maintenance diagnosis via GSM/ GPRS/ or Ethernet, optionally with life bit transmission
  • Data storage on site is possible on USB stick / SD card
  • Plausibility test of gas parameters
  • Possible to define customized concentration limits, which shall transmit single alarms or a common alarm, digital signals via potential-free relays or alarms in the bus
  • Gas cooler for gas temperatures above +40°C
  • Special cabinets for outdoor installation, for stand mounting, optionally available in stainless steel, with an extendable UPS


The field transmitters of the COMBIMASS® eco series are suitable for gas flow measurement and cover a wide range of different applications. The flow transmitters apply thermal dispersion technology in order to measure directly in dry gases the standard volumetric or gas mass flow according to DIN1343, regardless of the operating pressure and temperature of the medium. The instruments can be employed for process temperatures up to 220°C and are available in explosion proof versions. COMBIMASS(R) convert transmits all data to the main PLC using all common types of communication. Inline measuring systems enable accurate measurements even in very small pipelines and at high pressures. A special version is the COMBIMASS® eco hydrogen, which with its FC6 technology enables accurate and reliable measurements even in pure hydrogen.

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