Thermal gas flow meter

Flow measurement and analysis of digester gas, gas from landfills, from dry fermentation and digestion of industrial sewage

COMBIMASS® gas flow meter have been used successfully worldwide for decades. They are used both directly at the gas production site as well as in the consumption in front of CHP’s, boiler and flares for quantitative recording.  Compared to other measurement methods, the thermal measurement method is particularly well suited for wet biogas at low gas speeds and pressures. The integrated humidity correction enables the determination of dry gas production in standard cubic meters according to DIN 1343 in waterdamp-saturated gas.

For several years, Binder has also been offering the measurement of gas quality with portable and stationary solutions. The analyzer station are used to detect the gas quality at the digester but also to monitor the sulfure filter and thus the gas quality, upstream to the utilization in the CHP. The modular design of the analyzer station allows easy expansion if required, but also the replacement of wearing parts by the operator himself. The integrated maintenance diagnostics allows the detection of wear in the gas modules, which can be compensated by recalibration to a certain extent or shows the requirement  of replacing the gas modules. The replacement of the gas cells after fixed times is a thing of the past – maintenance depending on actual and real wear becomes so possible.

In the case of landfills, the gas composition is changing significantly over the course of the operating years. The combination of  a gas analysis with signal compensation of the flow signal makes the gas quantity measurement long-term stable and accurate.


Thermal gas flow sensors for gases containing methane

The COMBIMASS® eco is a thermal gas flow meter with a customized calibration range for sewage and landfill gas. It measures in dry gases the gas flow rate directly at standard pressure and temperature according to DIN 1343 and can be used both of gas production and consumers.