Thermal gas flow sensors for gases containing methane

The COMBIMASS® eco is a thermal gas flow meter with a customized calibration range for sewage and landfill gas. It measures in dry gases the gas flow rate directly at standard pressure and temperature according to DIN 1343 and can be used both of gas production and consumers.

  • Thermal system for direct measurement of gas mass or standard volumetric flow in dry gases according to DIN1343
  • measured value is independent on gas pressure and temperature fluctuations
  • Integrated humidity correction for water damp-saturated installation locations
  • Rugged stainless-steel housing with a separate terminal compartment
  • compact, robust, reliable, wear-free and corrosion-resistant sensor
  • easy installation and nearly no maintenance
  • digital signal processing for exact measured values
  • extendable due to modular concept
  • Version for EX-zone 2 or 1 / without EX-protection if sufficient

All devices of the COMBIMASS® eco series are characterized by very effecient digital electronics. Important features of the electronics for practical application are the temperature compensation and the choice of different measuring modes (constant power or constant temperature). The electronics of the COMBIMASS® eco are placed in a compact, pressure-resistant stainless steel housing with a separate terminal compartment. Optionally, an 8-digit display with control panel for displaying the current flow rate or total value and for simple on-site operation of the transmitter is also available for these housing versions.

For the transmission of the flow signal an isolated 4-20 mA analogue output, a freely parameterisable pulse output or Modbus can be used. Each system is calibrated before delivery in our CAMASS® Calibration Lab, taking into account the actual operating conditions with regard to gas composition and installation situation (internal pipe diameter, pipe orientation, etc.). As a reference, officially calibrated measuring sections, standard orifices and precision inclined tube manometers are used. In addition, calibrated pressure and temperature transmitters enable the exact determination of operating conditions and volume flows on site. These measuring instruments are regularly checked by external laboratories as part of ISO quality assurance. State-of-the-art computer and simulation programs based on decades of experience are used to calculate the calibration data and to determine the correction factors for the temperature compensation.

A special application is the measurement of wet biogas directly downstream of the digester in sewage treatment plants. The moisture content of the biogas is detectec by the sensor too, and therefore the standard volumetric flow rate according to DIN 1343 cannot be detected directly, because the requirement 0% relative humidity is not met. However, the maximum waterdamp portion depends on gas temperature only and represents a known correlation. The temperature information of the reference electrode can be used in waterdamp-saturated biogas to calculate the proportion of water in the gas and compensate directly in the device without further analysis / correction modules.

If the measurement location is selected appropriately (e.g. for detecting gas production), the dry gas quantity can also be determined for humid biogas at standard conditions. Thermal gas flow meters are particularly suitable here compared to all other measuring methods (e.g. Vortex, Ultrasound, Mechanical counters), as they measure very precisely even at low gas velocities and pressure. An additional advantage is that all required compensations can be carried out directly in one measuring instrument.

  • Digester gas- for all installation locations – from digester to storage & gas filter and all kind of consumer
  • Landfill gas – for all installation locations – from individual fields to the collector pipe and all kind of consumer

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid premium

The design of the analyzer station GA-s hybrid premium is completely modular. All pumps and valves are mounted on small top-hat rail-plates for easy service and replacement. The gas cells and its required electronics are mounted in modules for top-hat rail assembly inside the cabinet. All spares and wearing parts can be replaced by the operator without any limitation in warranty.

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco

The standardized low-cost modular analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco contains of a ventilated cabinet made of plastic, for the analysis of biogas in fixed time cycles, for indoor installation, with limited No. of gas cells and max. 1-2 gas streams only.


The new series of extremely robust, low maintenance and efficient portable measuring instruments COMBIMASS® GA-m series represents a mile­stone in the development of mobile gas analy­sers. All common require­ments are optimally fulfilled in the analysis of fermentation gas, sewage gas and dump gas from landfills.

COMBIMASS® OEIN – hot tapping unit

Using the COMBIMASS® hot tapping unit, the flowmeter can be removed gastight during operation for check and maintenance. It is available in three different sizes for sensors 12, 18 and 25 mm.

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