COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco

Standardized low-cost modular biogas analyzer station

The standardized low-cost modular analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco contains of a ventilated cabinet made of plastic, for the analysis of biogas in fixed time cycles, for indoor installation, with limited No. of gas cells and max. 1-2 gas streams only.

The standardized low-costs modular analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco consists of a ventilated cabinet for indoor installation, such as in CHP-rooms, for analysis of biogas in fixed time cycles. All conncetions on the side wall are prepared to plastic hoses. The cabiner contains a gas pump, 1-3 gas modules and required No. of valves for analysis of GAS 1-2, for purging the gas lines and to connect a test gas.

There are 5 standardized configurations of gas modules available:  1xCH4, 1xH2S, 2xH2S, 1xCH4 & 1xH2S as well as 1xCH4 & 1xH2S & 1xO2.

All signals from gas modules are pressure and temperature compensated. The analyzer station is equipped with max. 3 analog outputs 4-20 mA for data transmission and 1 digital output for common alarm. As an option all data and all single alarms can be transferred via Modbus RTU to the main PLC.

A test gas input allows a check and recalibration of gas modules at site by Binder Service or by another authorized and certified Service Company.

Maintenance of the modular System becomes very simple: Filter and other wearing parts can be replaced by the operator (without limitation of warranty), gas modules should be checked every 12 months at Binder or at authorized local service company. If necessary, cells should be replaced in time to keep availability and accuracy high. Binder can supply spare modules for the duration of service. Replacement of gas modules can be done by the operator within 2 minutes only.



Specification of COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco

  • analysis of max. 2 gas streams
  • data transmission: max. 3 analog signals  4-20 mA, 1 common alarm, alternative option: data and all single alarms via Modbus RTU
  • all connections on side wall of the cabinet are prepared for plastic gas hoses, alternative option: for stainless steel tubes
  • gas cooler can be added, if gas temperature at the inlet of the cabinet will be higher than +40°C
  • prepared for wall mounting in a plastic cabinet, alternative options: stainless steel cabinet, assembly on a stand


The COMBIMASS® eco is a thermal gas flow meter with a customized calibration range for sewage and landfill gas. It measures in dry gases the gas flow rate directly at standard pressure and temperature according to DIN 1343 and can be used both of gas production and consumers.

COMBIMASS® eco-bio+

Precondition for a reliable, precise and reproducable measurement of biogas is the determination of flow rate at standard conditions. All instruments of COMBIMASS® eco-bio+ series use thermal dispersion technology and determine the volumetric flow rate at standard pressure and standard temperature directly. Waterdamp portion must be compensated only, to measure flow rate at standard conditions according to DIN 1343.

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