COMBIMASS® eco-bio+

Biogas flow meter for agricultural anaerobic digestion plants

Precondition for a reliable, precise and reproducable measurement of biogas is the determination of flow rate at standard conditions. All instruments of COMBIMASS® eco-bio+ series use thermal dispersion technology and determine the volumetric flow rate at standard pressure and standard temperature directly. Waterdamp portion must be compensated only, to measure flow rate at standard conditions according to DIN 1343.

The COMBIMASS® eco-bio+ flow meter is developed particularly for the agricultural anaerobic digestion market using thermal dispersion technology. This principle determines directly the gas flow rate at standard pressure and standard temperature.  The sensor consists of a heated and a non-heated reference electrode. When the flow is crossing the sensor, the heated one is cooling down an represents thus a measure for the number of molecules (mass flow). However the dampness portion of the biogas is measured too. Therefore the flow rate at standard conditions according to the German standard paper DIN 1343 (0°C, 1,01325 bar, 0% rel. humidity) cannot be measured directly, since the request 0% rel. humidity is not fulfilled.

The maximum waterdamp portion at saturation point depends only on gas temperature and is represented by a well-known equation. The temperature information of the non-heated reference sensor is used to determine and compensate the humidity in the biogas directly in the electronic board of the flow meter. Thus the dry gas mass flow can be determined at standard conditions finally, if the installation point is chosen well at a place where the gas is waterdamp saturated.

So the use of the COMBIMASS® eco-bio+ for verification of annual gas production (e.g. in CDM-projects) becomes possible. Further manipulation-poor and -safe instruments are available for special applications.

Thermal mass flow meter are suited particularly well for the use in wet biogas compared to other technologies (e.g. Vortex, ultrasonic, mechanical counters), since even at low gas speeds the measurement is very precise.

A further substancial advantage is that all necessary compensation can take place directly in that one measuring instrument. No further sensor, hardware or compensation computer are necessary.

The installation is not more simply at lower costs, the failure of probability is lower than using a combination of three measuring instruments (temperature, pressure and flow rate) and no error summarization will take place.

  • Methaneous gases from agricultural anaerobic digestion plants (liquid and dry fermentation process)
  • Can be used at all potential measuring places: directly after the digester, after the gas cooler, after gas storage, in front and after gas cleaner, in front of all consumer e.g. CHP, boiler, flare

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid premium

The design of the analyzer station GA-s hybrid premium is completely modular. All pumps and valves are mounted on small top-hat rail-plates for easy service and replacement. The gas cells and its required electronics are mounted in modules for top-hat rail assembly inside the cabinet. All spares and wearing parts can be replaced by the operator without any limitation in warranty.

COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco

The standardized low-cost modular analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco contains of a ventilated cabinet made of plastic, for the analysis of biogas in fixed time cycles, for indoor installation, with limited No. of gas cells and max. 1-2 gas streams only.


The new series of extremely robust, low maintenance and efficient portable measuring instruments COMBIMASS® GA-m series represents a mile­stone in the development of mobile gas analy­sers. All common require­ments are optimally fulfilled in the analysis of fermentation gas, sewage gas and dump gas from landfills.

COMBIMASS® OEIN – hot tapping unit

Using the COMBIMASS® hot tapping unit, the flowmeter can be removed gastight during operation for check and maintenance. It is available in three different sizes for sensors 12, 18 and 25 mm.

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