COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid premium

Flexible modular analyzer station

The design of the analyzer station GA-s hybrid premium is completely modular. All pumps and valves are mounted on small top-hat rail-plates for easy service and replacement. The gas cells and its required electronics are mounted in modules for top-hat rail assembly inside the cabinet. All spares and wearing parts can be replaced by the operator without any limitation in warranty.

  • analysis of up to 7 gas components with various operation ranges, using different technologies: NDIR, electrochemical, heat conductivity, in time cycles or continuously (with an additional gas cooler), compensated for gas pressure and temperature
  • Analyzer station with automatic sampling of one gas stream (can be expanded)
  • High-performance PLC with a 4.3” colored touch panel display (standard) or a big 7” graphic display with history and further graphic functions (option)
  • Cabinet material: plastic or steel, for indoor/ outdoor installation, with/ without heating/ cooling, monitored for ambient temperature and pressure
  • Combination of various gas modules mounted on DIN-rails, compensated for gas temperature and pressure
  • Strong biogas pump mounted on small DIN-rail plates
  • Gas filter for easy replacement
  • Plausibility check of gas parameter (option)
  • Implementation of thermal dispersion gas flow meter (with integrated humidity correction for the measurement of dry biogas flow in m³/h at standard conditions according to DIN 1343, if the gas is waterdamp-saturated based on gas temperature – option)
    Automatic correction of gas flow based on actual gas composition
  • Implementation of humidity probes for calculation of dry gas flow as an option (if the biogas is not waterdamp-saturated – option)
  • Maintenance diagnosis using traffic light colours – improves safety for the operator and reduces costs for maintenance to the really required Level
  • Manual recalibration of gas modules by connecting a span gas bottle (standard) or several bottles (option) via touch screen or autocalibration-function (option) to keep long-time accuracy high
  • Due to the special modular design, all typical spares and wearing parts are mounted on the top-hat rails, can be replaced by the operator, a local service company or the manufacturer

The design of the analyzer station GA-s hybrid premium is completely modular. All pumps and valves are mounted on small top-hat rail-plates for easy service and replacement. The gas cells and its required electronics are mounted in modules for top-hat rail assembly inside the cabinet.

So it becomes possible to measure several gas streams with different gas concentration in time cycles or continuously. Furthermore the flexibility of configuration details regarding gas ways and sampling sequencies increases too. Several parallel gas circles can be built up and so also more than one gas stream can get analyzed continuously. Beside typical NDIR-technologies also electrochemical as well as heat conductivity sensors can be used.

Using a special electronic, even electrochemical oxygen cells can be used for continuously analysis if required, these cells can regenerate themselves. If the application has a safety function in the back, identically gas circles can be built up and operated in parallel.
Gas pump and valves can analyze the biogas of several gas streams in time cycles (valve type NC) or continuously (valve type NO). Data can be stored internally and/ or transferred to the main PLC via various standard interfaces. There are some further options for an external access available, for monitoring of operation/ alarms, maintenance monitoring and data transmission. A life-bit can be sent out to a central server to monitor operating ability (option only). An uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) can be used to keep the station in operation for a while when power supply is interrupted to send out an alarm message (option only).
The inner cabinet as well as the gas streams are monitored for pressure and temperature. Measuring data can be checked for plausibility for systems with improved requirements on manipulation safety (option only).

A hardware key or a password can be used to secure the configuration settings.
Gas analysis stations require a high technical expenditure, which settles in the long run also in the purchase price and in maintenance costs, to achieve long-term accuracy and reliability. An auto-calibration function with a precise span gas will keep accuracy at best level. If several instruments (portable and stationary) must be bought, the total costs for investment and maintenance become high, but also measuring errors can rise up.

The gas cells and modules can be recalibrated easily. Long-time accuracy of analysis is kept at a high level. Beside manual calibration mode also an auto-calibration mode is available, if a spangas bottle(s) is (are) connected permanently with the analyzer cabinet.
The actual situation of the gas modules is displayed on the screen using traffic light colours: green – okay, yellow – recalibration recommended, service required soon, red – recalibration was not finished successfully, service now. The plant operator can define acceptable deviations of each gas module on his own customized (based on the nature of the project). If this defined accuracy cannot be achieved any more after recalibration, gas module shall be sent to the manufacturer for refurbishment. Due to the use of the traffic light system for maintenance monitoring, service frequencies can be adjusted on frequency of use respectively on the requirements on accuracy. Fixed cycles are not necessary any more.

  • Methaneous gases from biogas fermentation plants (liquid as well as solid waste fermentation, composting)
  • Sewage gas from digester at wastewater treatment plants
  • Landfill gas
  • Monitoring of exhaust air


The COMBIMASS® eco is a thermal gas flow meter with a customized calibration range for sewage and landfill gas. It measures in dry gases the gas flow rate directly at standard pressure and temperature according to DIN 1343 and can be used both of gas production and consumers.

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