INSTRUM pressure regulators – The Original!

In vessels, reactors, centrifuges or stirred vessels in the process industry, liquids are often blanketed with an inert gas atmosphere to prevent oxidation or contamination or to ensure explosion protection.

Depending on the application and requirements, various regulators in corrosion-resistant materials are used for pressures from 1 mbar to 20 bar. These are mainly self-acting mechanical regulators that operate independently of auxiliary energy, such as pressure regulators for reduction, excess pressure, differential pressure and negative pressure, as well as breather vents for positive and negative pressure.

We offer suitable regulators made of corrosion-resistant materials for blanketing of liquids with an inert gas atmosphere. We design and build systems for tank blanketing, inerting, product transfer and sterilization, with particular focus on self actuated mechanical regulators which work without auxiliary power. These include pressure regulators for reduction, relief, negative and differential pressure, check valves for positive and negative pressure. The INSTRUM approach enables you to reduce significantly your installation and running costs while increasing operational reliability.

The high-quality and technically sophisticated systems for tank blanketing, inerting, product conveying, and sterilization allow a reduction in installation and operating costs with improved operational reliability. The environmental impact is significantly reduced.

INSTRUM® regulators are mainly used for inerting in process-related vessels and containers of typically up to 100 m³ volume. They are often also used in pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants where special approvals such as ATEX, surface finish, FDA etc. but also special design features such as CIP and SIP are required.

Valve Concepts valves are used for both tank ventilation and inerting on vessels of any size. The pilot operated systems in particular have extremely high control accuracy. This allows the smallest overpressures with very low hysteresis effects to be realized at the highest possible throughput.

INSTRUM® Low pressure regulators and relief valves

Inertization process

The INSTRUM® low pressure regulators are an important part of the Binder product range. They have typically big diaphragms …

Tank Blanketing system

Overpressure and Vacuum protection in tanks and tank storage

One understands the combinations of valves under the Tank blanketing system, which are used especially for langer tanks and tank storage to protect against unacceptable pressure and vacumm situations and also inertiate if necessary.The structural protection against impermissible overpressure or vacuum in these cases usually implemented with weight-loaded valve systems, s.a. Overpressure and Vacuum protection.

System for Sterile Applications

Safe Sterlisation Instrum® Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator

When blanketing in sterile areas further design features are required in addition to the high, electropolished surface quality and the materials required especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries. INSTRUM® stainless steel pressure regulators offer GMP-compliant design to minimize or eliminate germinated zones.

Precision Pressure regulator for liquids

Pressure reducing and excess pressure valve

Our precision pressure regulators for liquids are especially characterised by the fact that they fulfill application-specific requirements with regard to highest control quality with compact size and admission pressure independency.

Safe Sterlisation Instrum® Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator

Balancing and adjusting fluctutating pressure

Precision pressure regulators for corrosive media are mainly used where fluctuating pressures need to be equalized. A diaphragm is used to measure the pressure and compare it with the set point. The resulting forces are used to continuously and automatically readjust the seat of the valve.