VACOMASS® flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter for aeration air

The VACOMASS® air flow meters use thermal mass flow principle and measure the gas mass flow respectively standard volume flow directly, independent of pressure and temperature of the medium at standard conditions according to DIN 1343.

The accuracy of the instrument depends strongly on the installation situation or the flow profile at the installation site (see leaflet DWA M 264 Edition 2015). If there is not sufficient straight inlet and outlet pipe run or if the flow is disturbed due to pipe fittings, valves etc. at the inlet area, the sensor can also be placed directly in front of the control valve. Depending on the design of the valve and the required accuracy of the measurement, a signal correction based on the current opening position is may be required (simultaneous flow profile correction). This can be done either directly in the sensor head (types AL100/ SS100) or in the separate evaluation electronics VACOMASS® flexcontrol.

The following types of devices are available:

VACOMASS® flow meter SS

The electronics is located in a compact, pressure-resistant stainless steel housing (material 1.4571) with a separate terminal compartment.Optionally an integrated display is available.

VACOMASS® flow meter AL

The electronics is placed in the standard aluminum housing. Optionally an integrated display is available.

VACOMASS® flow meter AL DIN

The electronics ist placed in a compact aluminum housing without display.

VACOMASS® flow meter AL 100

The electronics is placed in a special aluminum housing with an optional display. The instrument has an analogue input for reading in the position feedback of the control valve. Reading is corrected by current stroke to achieve a precise air flow measurement..

VACOMASS® flow meter multi

In big pipelines, it can make sense to place several sensors individually in different insertion depths. A weighted average over different signals from several sensors in the case of irregular flow profile can be calculated in order to be able to measure the air volume correctly. All sensor types (SS, AL or AL DIN) can be used. The evaluation of the measuring signals takes place via the electronics VACOMASS® flexcontrol multi.

In addition, a hot-tapping unit with ball valve to be mounted in the existing pipeline can be supplied. There are two versions available:


Hot tapping unit with manually operated ball valve with flexible insertion depth


Hot tapping unit with manually operated ball valve and fixed insertion depth and fixed sensor orientation

VACOMASS® flexcontrol

The special feature of VACOMASS® flexcontrol is the complete flexibility and intuitive operation of the open system, which allows easy adjustment to the plant requirements - not a "black box" that spreads uncertainty, but modular with standardized building blocks and based on control algorithms that have been successfully used worldwide for many years, simple and clear for every control loop.

VACOMASS® jet control valve

The VACOMASS® jet control valve is an innovative, flow-optimized stainless steel control valve. In terms of control range and product quality, this development represents a milestone in the evolution of air control valves and fittings. It is unique and with worldwide patent applications. It fulfills all requirements defines in the Advisory Leaflet DWA-M 229-1 (September 2017) and the new "Handbook of Energy North Rhine-Westphalia" (January 2018).

VACOMASS® elliptic diaphragm control valve

The VACOMASS® elliptic diaphragm control valve is a technically optimized control valve, especially developed for aeration air, closing gas-tight with a lenticular control aperture. Low pressure drop in the whole control range and high flow rate capacity for flexing and cleaning the diffuser with very low pressure drop are two of the main features (design according to DIN EN 60534-2-3).

VACOMASS® square diaphragm control valve

The VACOMASS® square diaphragm control valve is a technically optimized sliding gate control valve with a falling flow axis and gas-tight shut-off using a square shaped control aperture. It is used for precise and low-loss control of airflow and distribution in the aeration tanks of a wastewater treatment plant (design according to DIN EN 60534-2-3).

CAMASS® calibration lab

When using technologically sophisticated systems to measure and conrol gas flow as well as aeration air, calibration becomes the decisive factor for success. In order to ensure optimum measuring and control accuracy, each VACOMASS® and COMBIMASS® flow meter is precisely calibrated in the CAMASS® Calibration Centre under real operating conditions.

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